Puberty period :

while puberty begin lot of change in body and life .Girls take to women know about puberty and some shy . some happy they become adult and some have to difficult to accept change on her body don’t worry it normal read below know about puberty


Puberty time start 8 year to 13 year . due to modernization and change eating habits it will be start early years overweight girls start early ages in this period your body release hormones that stimulates  your ovaries to start producing the female hormone estrogen.A girl body start changing women body

Body Growth:

you will see change on body your body growth fast in middle school girls are taller then boys in this stage you feel that your bigger and also see that leg also longer you get weight more than own bones












Breast development:

you can feel that little buds on your chest little swelling and your nipple hard you notice gradually increase your breast its size depends upon genetic complete  development done in 2 to 3 year






Hair Growth:

you see that some hair growth are occurrence on your body it under arms its soft and it take complete 2 to 3 year between leg also growth hair its soft after few months its complete.



you may notice sticky fluid on your underwear its discharge before star mensuration its fluid moisture your vegnial if u get yellow or brown discharge its fungal infection say parents and take doctor advice











On puberty, the pores in your skin produce more oil, especially on your face. This can cause acne. You may have to wash your hair and face more often now that you’re going through puberty. It would be a good idea to create a daily skin care routine to meet the needs of your changing skin.




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