DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ACT (2005): It is legislation to protect women’s for domestic violence this law also those who in relationship subject of violence any kind-physical, mentally, verbal or emotional.

TRAFFIC WOMEN AND GIRLS ACT(1956): The women and girls are traffic for prostitution or force for labour work.

INDECENT REPRESENTATION OF WOMEN(PROHIBITION)ACT(1986): Prohibits indecent representation of women through advertisements or in publications, writings, paintings, figures or in any other manner.

DOWRY PROHIBITION ACT (1961): Dowry takes before marriage aur after marriage time taken women or women family it is the prohibit


  1. contain provisions relating to marriage and divorce among the Christian community.
  2. Legal Services Authorities Act (1987) provides for free legal services to Indian women.


  1. introduced monogamy and allowed divorce on certain specified grounds. It provided equal rights to Indian man and woman in respect of marriage and divorce.
  2. Hindu Succession Act (1956) recognizes the right of women to inherit parental property equally with men.
  3. Minimum Wages Act (1948) does not allow discrimination between male and female workers or different minimum wages for them

SEXUAL HARASSMENT WOMEN IN WORKPLACE (2013): provides protection to women from sexual harassment at all workplaces both in public and private sector, whether organised or unorganized.

MINES ACT(1952): and Factories Act (1948) prohibits the employment of women between 7 P.M. to 6 A.M. in mines and factories and provides for their safety and welfare.

law is equal every one

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